Lee’s Palace show cancelled – Tour Starts in NYC on Friday!

Greetings everyone,

We regret to inform that The Shanks’ gig with The Membranes at Lee’s Palace has been cancelled. John Robb from The Membranes explains,

“We regret to announce that despite spending £5000 and weeks of planning and work we still have not received our visas for touring the USA. We have not been turned down for visas: We have been approved for visas but the American embassy in London can’t hand them over to us until Thursday so we just cannot get to the show in Toronto.
We are still hoping to play Brooklyn on Friday.
It’s been an agonising and expensive process.
We are really unhappy about this situation. It is something that British bands have to put up with all the time now – a really expensive and shambolic process that makes it really difficult to tour the USA which makes playing Canada difficult as well. Sorry and we hope to still play as much of our tour as possible and return next spring to play Toronto. It is time to change this ridiculous system and the campaign has now started.”


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