The Shanks turn 10 and release the e.p. “X”:X_ COVER_original x_edited_flat_reverse_edited-1

The Shanks celebrate 10 years of bass and drums rock power with a brand new EP revisiting some re-recorded, newly produced old tracks as well as a brand new tune from the ”Prisons of Ecstasy” sessions in Sweden (their next album, coming soon). Producer Darryl Neudorf produces ”Bridge of Sighs” and mixes ”English Dream”, while Sir Ian Blurton remixes ”Out of Your Mouth” and produces The Smiths’ cover of ”Bigmouth Strikes Again”, originally recorded for a sci-fi soundtrack; while The Shanks’ own Live Sound engineer, ”third Shank” Arthur Sadowski re-produces ”All My Rock and Roll Children” and Swedish superstar Nicke Andersson produces the new track ”Behind These Bars”, from the aforementioned upcoming album ”Prisons of Ecstasy”… all in all a Shanktastic rock n roll celebration of 10 years of bass and drums from Canada’s THE SHANKS.

OUT OCTOBER 16th at all fine digital retailers!


1. BRIDGE OF SIGHS (Producer: Darryl Neudorf)
2. BIGMOUTH STRIKES AGAIN (Marr/Morrissey, Producer: Ian Blurton) 
3. BEHIND THESE BARS (Producer: Nicke Andersson)
4. ENGLISH DREAM (Producer: John David Brumell, Mixed by Darryl Neudorf) 
5. ALL MY ROCKNROLL CHILDREN (Producer: Arthur Sadowski)
6. OUT OF YOUR MOUTH (Re-mix, Producer: Ian Blurton)