Fall 2018 Tour – SHANKS Escape the Studio !!!

Pistolwhip von Shankenstein & Dr. Mahler Th├╝nderwall take some time out for further road therapy treatments and for a brief respite from the strict socialist torments of the self-imposed schedule of writing and producing the new record… which, by the way, is certainly bound to alienate, frustrate or greatly annoy at least half of any extant fanbase the band has managed to garner within recent memory (but, for sure, the former Warsaw Pact nations will be all over it like mustard on sausages).

Following the Spring 2018 run out to Vancouver, the SHANKS head for the most easterly shores of Canada to thunder on in St. John’s, crack open a couple of showcase dates at the inaugural North American incarnation of Sweden’s legendary LIVE AT HEART Festival in Newfoundland (so like “rock the Rock” so to speak) before heading back to loosen up the beloved US Rustbelt. Crashing with Blind Bob through the original city of innovation Dayton OH, the dark path lit by a Green Lantern down in Lexington KY and finally “onward ho” to the venerable Southgate House Revival for the iconic IRONFEST IX in Cincinnati OH… ’tis a true honour indeed to be headed back to all of these glorious towns!!

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